Unit 15

New Note

Please watch the video clip on half-holing G2. G2, requires that the first finger on the left hand rolls down to vent the top of the hole. Although the tern, “half-hole” is applied to this fingering (and some others that you will learn later) the portion of the hole that should be covered is actually more like three quarters. From a closed position, the first finger pivots downwards, without lifting the finger. If the note squeaks or growls, experiment with the amount of the first hole you cover. Remember to use the Eb resonance key with your left hand little finger.

3. Mary Had a Little Lamb

Play Mary Had a Little Lamb by ear in the key of C, starting on E2. If you need to review the melody, listen to the sound clip in Unit 10. The sound clip, however, is in a different key (it uses different notes).