Unit 22

New Note

There are 3 forms of the G Minor scale that you should be able to play from memory:

For the Melodic Minor scale, the 6th and 7th steps are raised on the way up, and lowered again on the way down.

In the Harmonic Minor scale, the 7th step is raised going both up and down. For F#, use the right hand pinkie fingering rather than the thumb. Using the pinkie fingering will awkward leap for your thumb from the Bb key (used to play Eb) to the F# key.

If you are playing repeated A2’s of a very short duration (as in the fifth measure below), you may hold down the flick key though all of those notes. If the pitch is too sharp as you hold the key down, either adjust by opening your embouchure or re‐flick each note.

For Ab1, if you choose to use the fingering that uses your right pinkie, slide it from the Ab key to the F key in measure 4. If this does not slide easily and causes a break between the notes, then the right thumb Ab fingering would be better here. In most cases the pinkie fingering is better because the other fingering option does not work when moving to or from Bb (since your thumb would have to jump over two keys).