Unit 30

Allow the musical line to continue its arc even though there are many rests. Keep the musical energy moving through the rests by creating gentle releases of the notes before rests, and by beginning the note after a rest at the same dynamic at which you left the previous note.

Remember to minimize movement in your thumb. Since you will be using the whisper key throughout the etude, position your left thumb high on the key, close to the C# key. To play C#, slightly pivot your thumb upwards to press the C# and low D keys. You may also use the whisper key lock (if your instrument has one), so you do not have to press the whisper key at all, freeing your thumb to manage only the other two keys on C#.

7. My Country 'tis of Thee

Listen to the sound clip of America (“My Country ‘tis of Thee”) and learn to play it by ear in the key of Ab Major, starting on Ab1.