Unit 43

New Note

If your instrument has a whisper key lock, put it on for this entire tune. Your thumb will then not need to press the whisper key. Avoiding the awkward jump from the low C key over to the whisper key will allow you to play smoother from low C to G.

6. Frère Jacques

Listen to Frère Jacques (Are You Sleeping) on the sound clip. Learn to play this by ear in the key of D Major starting on D2.

Listen to a recording of a soprano singing the beautiful aria on which #7 is based. To 
ensure that you are playing with accurate rhythm, practice tonguing the sixteenth note 
subdivisions for the dotted eighths plus sixteenth figures as follows: 

You will find pairs of grace notes in the middle of bars four and ten. Their timing should be taken from the previous notes, so that they are played quickly, before beat three. In measure 32, a quarter note is tied to the first note of a triplet. In order to leave the tie on time, start subdividing in triplets while playing the quarter note.