Unit 47

2. Vibrato Exercise

Continue to practice the vibrato exercise from Unit 43 at quarter note = 69 on the following notes: G3, F3, B2 

As you know, in the melodic minor scale the sixth and seventh notes are raised as you ascend. In the natural form of G# minor, the seventh scale degree is F#. In order to raise it a half step, yet keep it on the F line of the staff, we use a double sharp: x. Fx is enharmonic with G. What note is enharmonic with E#, the sixth scale degree?

Double flats also exist, and are indicated by two flat signs before the note: bb. Subdivide eighth note triplets as you play the quarter note triplets.

To trill D3 in measure 12, start with the full fingering of the E above it, then play D, then trill with just your second finger. You may add either the Bb key, or the Eb resonance key to enhance the tone and intonation.

The symbol repeat symbol means to repeat the previous measure.